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Dr. Branden Evans is a Marietta chiropractor and owner of Cobb Pain and Wellness Clinic. His office offers two types of chiropractic care, Relief Therapy and Corrective Therapy....


Good candidates for the our chiropractic wellness & purification programs are those who have an interest in becoming healthy without the use of medication or surgery...

Personal Injury

Dr. Evans is a thoroughly trained injury chiropractor in the proper management and documentation for the specifics of your auto accident, slip and fall and work related injury case...

About Us

Dr. Branden Evans is a graduate of Texas Chiropractic College just south of Houston, TX. As a chiropractor in Marietta, his office is located just north of Atlanta, GA...


Trusted From Clients

I was seeing Dr. Evans for a little over two months up until two weeks ago since I no longer am experiencing any aches/pains as a result of each session, which assisted in the recovery of my back aches, but it was always a pleasure working with Dr. Evans because he very down to earth and friendly & professional. We often spent a lot of my sessions engrossed in conversation talking about all sorts of things from sports, travels, gardening, etc., which made for a pleasant visit each time. I do hate that my therapy is over (in a good way of course), but it's been a great experience working with Dr. Evans and I wish him well in his practice.

D. Denoon

I am a current patient of Dr. Evans. I honestly can't say enough good things about my experience as his patient. He is professional, kind & friendly. He truly cares about the well-being of his patients. This is evident by the time he spends getting to know you. I actually look forward to my visits with Dr. Evans, it's like visiting a friend. He listens to my concerns and I never feel rushed. He offers sound medical advice and he makes sure I am well informed so I can make the right health decisions. Also, his office hours are great for people who work regular business hours and he is always willing to accommodate you. I highly recommend Dr. Evans.

Vic P.

I always receive outstanding care from Dr. Evans. He is very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Evans really listens so he can advise what treatment plan will work to help you feel your best. You can tell he cares about his patients and their well being. I trust Dr. Evans 100% and highly recommend Cobb Pain & Wellness Clinic.

C. Brinson

Dr. Evans is great! He consistently provides quality care and a professional environment. I highly recommend him for your chiropractic needs.

A. Webster

I was in an accident where a woman sped through a red light going about 50mph. It left me with pain in my back to where I could not do any twisting without feeling a knife-like pain. It took several months of treatments with Dr Evans, but I finally got back to normal and am able to do all the things I used to do without pain. Until you’ve had back pain, you don’t understand back pain. That’s what I learned. I also learned a good chiropractor can do wonders! I highly recommend Dr Evans. He also is great explaining things and answering questions. We would have great conversations about TV shows and podcasts during the sessions as well. Great doctor and all around great person.

C. Basden

Dr. Evans have help me dance more. My hip goes out of place from time to time. So I go for maintenance as needed. He continues to help when I have sciatica and arthritis flare ups as well. He is a great Chiropractor and very personable.

P. “Queen Perrena” Bernoudy

Dr. B is the best ever!! So incredibly kind and understanding! Listens to your concerns and finds the root of the issue not just covering up the symptoms. He helped me and my family recover from a terrible car accident and has since helped keep me in fighting shape as a Personal Trainer and Les Mills Instructor. He also cured my GERD again by assessing the root of the issue. He is truly an amazing Doctor… the best ever:)

S. Conley

I’ve been seeing Dr. Evans on and off for several years, as well as seeing my mom when she is in town. I always feel awesome after seeing him! Great chiropractor!!

D. Ladin

After being involved in a car accident I felt some mild pain in my lower back; an acquaintance recommended I see Dr. Branden Evans of Cobb Pain & Wellness Clinic to be evaluated; after a thorough evaluation and testing the Dr. Branden determined that in fact I had an injury to my lower back. He explained in depth the medical conditions and how he was going to help. He was extremely professional and thorough. I recommend everyone I know involved in an accident or having any type of back pain to contact Dr. Branden right away even if you are not feeling pain.

Y. Essah

Dr Evans is amazing! He is very compassionate towards his patients and a gifted healer. I’ve been seeing for 8 years now.

Bonafide Organic Health

When I was hurt in an accident and had to go through therapy. Dr. Evans did a wonder to get me feeling back to normal. Thank you for being apart of my healing process. May God continue to bless the works of your hands and your business.

T. L. Stargell

Great doctor! Excellent service. Courteous and professional. Dr. Evans has helped me out several times with back pain.

J. Conley

Dr.Evans is very professional, kind and welcoming as a Dr. We really enjoyed the visit to his office and will be back whenever we need a Chiropractor.

D. Bostic

Dr. Evans was amazing and had me feeling like myself again after my treatments. I will definitely be back again

E. Hayes

I first saw Dr. Evans a few years ago on the recommendation from a client of mine. I injured my low-back, as the result of heavy lifting and sports-like activities. I was getting some numbing and shooting pain into the back of my leg as well. I had no intention of getting painful injections, as I knew the problem could be resolved naturally. I have a very physical job and work with many people daily doing various stretches and exercises and strenuous tasks. Dr Evans had me back to normal quickly and he stressed long term prevention, which hardly anyone talks about. He adjusted my low-back, placed me on therapy to help relax my muscles and provided me exercise recommendations. Dr. Evans is very professional and he comes with my highest recommendation.

M. Loop

You can always count on Dr B taking great care and educating you on wellness techniques.

S. Tufford

Dr. Evans 1st off is a great person. Enjoyed going to my pain relief sessions. I would refer Dr. Evans to all my family and friends.

Actress LaTamra

Dr. Evans is the best! I don't see him nearly as often as I should due to my busy schedule but recommend him to people all the time!

M. Rodriguez

Caring, compassionate and professional. Would recommend to anyone.

G. Scavone

Dr. Evans is great 👍 Highly Recommend

D. Cruz


Are there any tips on back care?
Yes, always think about what you do before you do it. The most difficult thing people can do is think. This one action will prevent so many injuries. Once an injury has occurred studies show it will happen again.
At what age should I start coming?

You can come in at any age. Our youngest patient was only a few hours old. Spinal trauma is not unusual even with a normal birth. Gentle techniques are used for both the infant and the mother. Our oldest patient is 96, has less pain and is much more alert after his adjustment. Different techniques are used to help different age groups.

Do you just fix backaches?

No. We use the spine to access the nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates all other systems of the body. The first spinal care adjustment was given to a patient who was deaf. His hearing was restored. The second patient suffered from angina (heart pain). It was resolved. Spinal care began as a form of practice for just about any condition a patient suffered. Chiropractors became known in later years as back doctors because of their approach. Back care only is a very limited attitude to spinal care. Research shows spinal care have helped headaches, migraine, neck pain, stomach ulcers, infant colic, middle ear pain, premenstrual pain, improved immune function, improved brain function, better vision, reviving comatose patients, ankles, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists etc.

When did all this spinal care stuff begin?

Chiropractic, or spinal care, Dr. Branden Evans, a Magnetic Healer, discovered a vertebrae out of position in the back of his deaf Janitor Harvey Lillard. He repositioned (adjusted) the malpositioned vertebrae (subluxation) and Harvey’s hearing was restored. Palmer then taught other Medical Doctors and Osteopaths his discovery. They claimed it was superior to all other manual techniques of the time. Its unique feature was the spine’s relationship to the nervous system. Palmer discovered a new theory of health balance. Dr. Palmer had an inquisitive mind and was a voracious reader constantly updating his discovery. His son BJ Palmer perpetuated the development of the theories. The grandson David Palmer expanded the educational facilities of the school. Daniel David Palmer’s great granddaughter is the current chairman of the board of the Palmer University.