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Skin Glowing and Healthy

I was reminded about a patient I had who did very well on her wellness program after she did a 21 day detoxification and all of the symptoms that changed for her in less than a month. This was a woman who couldn’t sleep, had digestive problems and worst of all (according to her) the menstrual cycle irregularities prevented her from being able to become pregnant! There was a lot going on inside her body.  After her consultation we made the right changes and within a short amount of time her nagging symptoms were gone and I still remember screaming on the phone with her when she called and told me she was having a baby!!! This was her success story after she finished the 21 day’s: 

 “When I met Dr. Evans, I was suffering from a variety of stress-related ailments (anxiety, insomnia, acne, menstrual irregularity). Thanks to following his protocol, I am feeling great on the inside and it shows on the outside too–my skin is glowing and healthy! What I like most about working with Dr. Evans is his overall approach to treatment. He works hard to educate his patients about the mind, body, spirit connection and pushes you to take ownership of your health. In my case, he helped me learn to listen to my body. Now, I can sense almost instantly when something is off and take corrective action.”
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about a nagging health complaint. I will let you know the right direction to get yourself to how you want to feel.

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