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Chiropractic Solutions for LCS

The reason lower cross syndrome causes low back pain for people who live sedentary lifestyles is fairly simple. I’m often asked “How can sitting too long cause back pain?”

Muscles that attach to the spine get tight and start to pull the segments out of place and that leads to pain and discomfort. So…the logical question would be how or what can be done to fix the problem? There are a few things that should be done. As mentioned LCS begins when a set of muscles from being in the seated position for too long are contracted longer than they should be. And conversely muscles that are opposite of those become weak and too flexible. Basically the balance is not there.

Chiropractic adjustments to the segments of the spine that are subluxated are vital for removing pressure and interference present on the nervous system.

Strengthening the inner core and gluteal muscles is the most efficient way to reverse lower cross syndrome and regain the proper posture for your spinal alignment.

Also stretching the tight muscles of the hip flexors and low back muscles are crucial to reverse the pulling that is taking place at the locations where muscles have been overly contracted. This will help bring the strength back to the core muscles that support the body while it’s in the upright position and provide the proper balance to regain the correct posture.

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