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Control Blood Sugar Naturally? Yeah – Right!

Just another story from a recent patient’s experience with making the right changes to help reduce some of the health issues she was suffering from. High blood pressure, diabetes, joint pain and insomnia do not have to run your life and can be handled in a relatively short period of time. It’s amazing what the body can do when you treat it with a little TLC!

“I will admit I was a little skeptical about trying the Wellness Plan with Dr. Evans.  I was really struggling with being able to sleep and  my joint pain almost had me at a halt with any type of physical activity.  The last straw was being diagnosed with borderline diabetes and I just knew I had to try something different.  I completed the 21-day purification program and could tell immediate results.  My joint pain became almost non-existent.  I was able to get a full night sleep and start my day with a lot more energy.  My blood sugar levels fell down into a normal range.  I think participating in this plan was one of the smartest moves I’ve made in a long time.  It has definitely improved my overall quality of life.  Dr. Evans was there to answer any questions and support me through the entire program.  I can’t thank him enough for helping me turn my health around.  Thanks Dr. Evans!

Thanks again Dr. Evans.  I can really tell a difference when I’m eating right.  I can even pinpoint which foods are contributing to my sleeplessness and my joint pain.  I can’t thank you enough!”

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