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Nagging Back Pain May Be From Belly Fat

Many of my patients who suffer from back pain also have extra belly fat. This isn’t always the case but it can dramatically cause back pain to linger when there is extra weight to carry. The extra abdominal weight places undue stress on the low back muscles and changes the correct posture for the spine. There are a few tips I can share to help reduce the strain on the low back from the stomach. One simple way to make a change is to practice correcting and actively be aware of your posture. Especially while you are walking. You may suck in your gut to make your stomach look slimmer…well this is actually a good thing to do for better posture as well. It makes you stand up taller and creates an elongation of your spine which helps your posture. You can also drink more water so that your liver filters toxins out of your system easier and reduces the build up that occurs in the stomach after you eat. Avoid caffeine to help decrease the inflammation that occurs from chemicals in your system and this will allow the low back muscles to function with less strain.

If you are in well enough shape, exercising and stretching will also help reduce the low back painwhile you work on reducing the belly fat. Be careful when doing abdominal crunches and sit ups because if you do them improperly you will increase the amount of strain on the low back and make your pain levels increase. As always consult a chiropractor in your area if you need help with your low back pain and he or she will recommend the best plan for you to get better.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need advice on what to do with your particular situation. Also visit Chiropractor in Marietta for more tips on getting healthy and reducing pain.

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